Amazigh Food Truck


A blend of Berber, Andalusian, and Mediterranean flavors with hints of European and sub-Saharan notes.

Our Mission

Amazigh is a family-owned business that illustrates everything there is to love about authentic, multicultural cuisine from all over Morocco. It uses only the finest ingredients, fresh produce, and rare Moroccan and Mediterranean finds.

The menu caters to all expectations, with authentic Moroccan appetizers, handmade tagines, couscous, pastillas, etc. Not to mention that everything is freshly prepared on-site, so the dishes are fresh and bursting with flavor and aroma. The key? Finely selected, freshly marinated, and ceremoniously cooked, and the rest is heritage!



Amazigh Food Truck is the product of the nostalgia stemming from the Amazigh and Moroccan roots of Zack, a native Berber (Amazigh) himself who was born in Taroudant, a city in the Sous Valley located in south eastern Morocco. In his early years, Zack grew up in what is considered the culinary hub of Morocco, Casablanca, known for its cultural diversity and rich Moroccan gastronomy, which is renowned as one of the most authentic gastronomies in the world. In his adult life, Zack was a practicing attorney for over a decade. Nevertheless, Zack has always been fascinated by the food industry and has always been curious and passionate about creating new recipes with mixed flavors that he proudly enjoyed creating upon his return from being a full-time lawyer; one of the reasons that motivated Zack to turn his passion into a career of its own… etc. 


Our philosophy

Zack later decided to pursue his dream and embark on this new adventure by moving to New York City, where his drive to reinvent and innovate Moroccan cuisine has emerged, and his desire to expand and grow as an independent self-made entrepreneur became obvious. Thus, following his forever passion and drive for nothing but quality, constant innovation, and excellence, Zack founded his first solo Moroccan and Mediterranean kitchen on wheels, where he aims to share his Amazigh roots and passion for this Moroccan & Mediterranean fusion cuisine he came up with in the most convenient and cozy setting to make it easier for its spread and access among everyone, and which he sees as one of the small steps towards greater milestones because one must never stop dreaming for greater achievements 🙂

How we stand apart?

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