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Who we are

100% Fresh, Colored & Authentic.

“Fresh, colored, refined, and authentic, this new Moroccan & Mediterranean Kitchen on wheels welcomes its New York City residents to enjoy a typical Moroccan meal, Mediterranean flavored dishes, or perhaps a mint tea served with a signature sweet for a breeze of freshness the Moroccan way. “

~  Chef Zack, Owner & Founder.

What makes us different

when heritage,
meets passion.

The concept of Amazigh is linked to the history of Moroccan gastronomy, which has thousand-year-old indigenous roots that go back to the time of the Berber civilization. This culinary heritage has been mixed with other cuisines brought by the migration of Spaniards, Portuguese, and other Mediterranean cultures, along with a slight of Middle Easterners, North African, and Sub-Saharan. This cultural expansion gave birth to the modern-day Moroccan & Mediterranean cuisine, which has served as a blueprint in the making of Amazigh Food Truck, brought to New Yorkers in a simple, practical, and cozy setting to facilitate its inclusion among everyone.


signature specials

A mouthwatering journey in a fusion of Berber, Andalusian and Mediterranean flavors with European and sub-Saharan notes.


= Taco + Quick Moroccan Tagine Filling! One of our signature specials. Tagine is also the name for a Maghrebi, or North African, dish cooked in a traditional pot, where slow-cooked savory stews made with meat, poultry, or fish, are cooked with vegetables, aromatic spices, dried fruit, and/or nuts.

Moroccan chicken chipotle

The Moroccan Chicken Chipotle version, finely selected and delicately marinated with the chef's unique blend of refined turmeric, saffron, fresh ginger, orange blossom, and Ras El Hanout, one of the rarest Moroccan spice blends, while also being grilled over hardwood charcoal for an even more authentic flavor, which will probably take you through the hidden streets of Marrakech.

Amazigh salad

But before that, a little starter like our best-selling Amazigh salad, made with lemon-marinated olives and secret Moroccan seasonings, topped with a slice of creamy feta, drizzled with a fresh house sauce, and splashed with Charmoula herb coulis, to get you started on this unique flavored journey. All to be enjoyed in a convenient and practical setting that travels around the Big Apple.

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